Hair Transplant Sun-Damaged Skin
Sun-Damaged Skin
Sun-damage can occur on skin which is frequently exposed to sun.

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation in sunlight has many effects on the skin causing premature aging:

  • Uneven colouration - sun-spots, freckles, broken veins
  • Loss of collagen - lines and wrinkles; loss of elasticity; skin that looks thin and "crepey"
  • Aging of the epidermal (superficial) cell layer - coarse, lack-lustre skin; dry skin due to a reduced moisture-retaining ability; increased risk of skin cancer

Procedures useful for restoring sun-damaged skin:

As no amount of treatment can totally undo the damage done by previous sun-exposure, the best way is prevention by consistent practice of sun-protection, the regular use of a good sunscreen being an essential part.