How does Scarlet ® RF work?

Radiofrequency (RF) energy is directly introduced into the skin via the needles on the treatment tip. Direct heating is produced at the selected tissue plane, stimulating collagen production. RF energy also acts on the oil glands and controls excessive sebum production.

Benefits of Scarlet® RF treatment:

  • Skin firming and wrinkle reduction
  • Improving acne scars: it is a good alternative treatment for individuals who cannot afford any downtime
  • Reducing sebum production, pore size and acne: the treatment is flexible – it can be done on the whole face or just on selected areas like the T-zone

During and after Scarlet® RF treatment:

  • Numbing cream will be applied 1 hour prior to treatment to reduce discomfort during the treatment.
  • Recovery after treatment: Some redness and swelling, with or without heat sensation are to be expected and usually last for a few hours. Almost all patients (>95%) look normal by the next day. Makeup can be applied if desired.
  • Sebum and acne: Although this treatment can help reduce sebum production, pore size and acne, in a minority of cases there may be transient increase of sebum before sebum production is reduced.

Treatment regimen:

  • For acne and oil control – every 2 to 4 weeks initially
  • For skin firming and scar improvement– every 1 to 3 months