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Can I use Lemon juice as a Vitamin C Serum Substitute?

A well-formulated vitamin C skincare product is like a miracle creation that fights against ageing of the skin: it mends sun-damaged cells, reduces on-going sun damage, stimulates collagen production and prevents irregular pigmentation.But these amazing products come at a price, and our experts are often asked if lemon juice on the skin, or vitamin C tablets taken orally, can be used as an effective substitute.

The simple answer is NO!Lemon or lime juice can actually do more harm than good to the skin and may even cause a 'phototoxic reaction'. Lemon juice contains a substance called furocoumarin which when exposed to sunlight can cause a rash or darkening of the skin. Other plants which also cause phototoxic reactions when present on the skin include; bergamot, bitter orange, parsley, figs and St. John's Wort.

And oral supplements simply don't filter through to the skin with the efficacy of a topical serum or cream.The body tightly controls the amount of vitamin C it absorbs from dietary supplements – so the best way to ensure your skin gets its quota of vitamin C is through topical application.