Your Skin... Our Centre of Attention


One of the few pioneering establishments in the field of dermatology at the time, SkinCentral - formerly known as the Quality HealthCare Skin Centre - was founded in 2002. SkinCentral sought out to provide comprehensive medical and cosmetic dermatological services, and ever since, this vision has guided its commitment in setting professional standards in dermatology in Hong Kong.

  • We believe that healthy skin can significantly improve one's quality of life. Our mission is not only to treat skin problems, but also to rejuvenate and optimize clients' skin through a selection of professional and dedicated services.
  • With a team of experienced specialists in Dermatology, proven advanced technology and caring supporting staff, we are dedicated to helping our clients to achieve healthy looking skin.
  • Abiding by our very own uncompromising standards, all SkinCentral treatment equipment is carefully evaluated by our panel of specialists to ensure its efficacy and safety. All treatments are medically supervised or performed by one of our dermatological specialists.
  • We are passionate about educating our clients and the public to empower them with knowledge in their quest for healthy and beautiful skin.